Why not Bernie Sanders?

I have been hearing great things about Bernie Sanders, one of the potential Democratic candidates for the United States presidential election in 2016. He wants to reduce the strangle hold that big business has on the federal government and is looking out for the little guy. He opposed the Iraq war and the government bailouts. He supported an audit of the Federal Reserve.

However, he clearly lacks basic economic understanding. He supported the decision of the Greek government to abandon austerity for reckless spending and government bailouts. He believes the solution to Greece’s problems is to continue to implement the failed socialist policies that got them in the situation they are in.

He claims to support the little man but he has never come out in support of deregulation to make it easier for small business creation and more affordable for existing businesses to hire. He even thinks that making it illegal to hire low productivity workers with a minimum wage some how helps the poor.

Sanders supports a single payer system. He wants him and his friends in Washington to make health care decisions for everyone. He does not want you to control your health care.

While railing against greed, he cheers for raising taxes. He thinks that wanting to keep what you earn is greedy but taking your money by force is not.

Bernie Sanders sees an economic system that exploits the working and middle classes and enriches the wealthy. However, he does not understand how wealth is created. He wants to double down on the system that enriches people who did not earn and attack those who create wealth.

It is true that many of the rich got rich through government means instead of through market means. But many of the rich got their wealth through market means by producing and sharing wealth. It would be crazy to turn to government and punish all the rich when it is government that is the source of ill-gotten gains. Raising tax on everyone with high incomes regardless of how they acquired them punishes the people who create wealth.

If Bernie Sanders were serious about ending corporate control of government, he would support measures to limit government’s ability to enrich the rich. Unfortunately, like most on the left, he supports giving more power to the government on the assumption the government will only use the power to benefit the poor and middle class.


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